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Customer Service: The Heart of The Printing Express

As a customer of The Printing Express, you’re more than just a number. That sounds pretty cliché, but we really do believe that we don’t just complete projects—we build relationships. One of our key goals at The Printing Express is to understand our customers’ wants and needs so well that we’re able to produce the exact print products they need, and to spot problems without you even knowing about them.

Because customer service is so important to us, we wanted to interview our Customer Service Lead, Wade Lam, and have him explain the ins and outs of the The Printing Express customer service experience. 

Wade Lam started his printing career in 2005 for a large commercial printer, and arrived at The Printing Express 3 years ago with 13 years of customer service experience. As Customer Service Lead, Wade makes sure every project is done perfectly and on time. Wade heads the training for all new customer service reps, personally handles high-end accounts, and is the go-to for any client or employee who has questions. To put it bluntly—Wade’s got your back.

One of the many reasons he loves working for The Printing Express is the ability to build strong relationships with his clients, even to the extent of knowing their families and off-the-clock hobbies. On his own time, Wade enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Jenny and their four children at their new country home.

This Q&A series gives you an inside look into how our customer service team operates and what The Printing Express does to always put the customer first during production.

Wade Lam
Customer Service Lead

What does exceptional customer service mean to The Printing Express?

Simply put, it means always being available. You can give us a call or shoot us an email at any time, and we also encourage you to walk in and see us in person—we love visitors! We’d be happy to show you around the printing floor, where we make our magic happen. My goal is to make sure that your orders are produced correctly and that your needs are met every time you work with us. No matter how small or large your request may be, our team takes it seriously. Our customer service team is tasked with making sure that a customer’s product looks exactly like they had pictured it.

What does your customer service team look like?

I’m the lead of our Customer Service team. Each individual customer receives their own CSR when they join The Printing Express family. With a personal CSR, we build relationships with our customers to better understand your expectations, produce better projects, and offer more custom-tailored services. You can be confident that your questions and requests will be answered quickly and by the same CSR you’re used to working with!

How do you handle issues that arise during production?

If we do happen to run into an issue on our floor, we first try to make a decision internally on how to fix it. If it’s a quick fix, we go ahead and fix it ourselves without bothering the customer. If the fix were to cause a delay, we would immediately contact the customer to make sure that they’re aware of our new estimated time to completion. It’s always on us as the printer to make sure each project comes out perfectly. We’re always quick to make a decision internally and only communicate with the customer if it might change the scope of anything—our goal is to leave you to your business and handle ours!

Would I need to speak to multiple representatives for different departments or services?

Absolutely not! All of our CSRs understand every department and service we offer, so they can handle all of the projects they’re assigned. I personally train all of our CSRs and am always a shoulder to lean on when they have questions or need help. Everything is handled internally through our on-site customer service team. No project is too big or too complicated for our expert team!

Closing Thoughts

Every customer that comes through our doors here at The Printing Express is entitled to the exceptional customer service experience that we’ve been building for the last 14 years, and that will continue to improve each year. We are always motivated to improve and move forward! We truly listen to each customer’s feedback and are grateful for the opportunity to improve and make our customer service team even more knowledgeable.

If you’re interested in starting a new project with The Printing Express and receiving your very own CSR, contact us today to speak with one of us to get started on bringing your visions to reality with print.