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State-of-the-Art Commercial Printing in Harrisonburg, VA

In 2002, PXI started as The Printing Express and began its journey with three hard-working employees and very little knowledge of printing. Yes, that’s right. Mike Meredith, the proud new owner had no experience. In our meager 2,000 square foot facility donning sub-par equipment and no experience, we made it! With a strong work ethic and a tenacious “can do” attitude we succeeded. The “never say no” work ethic and dedication to client satisfaction led the business to the success it is today. And big thanks to wonderful, dedicated employees, and dedicated and loyal customers, both making us a success. The PXI team now includes over 50 employees and occupies 50,000 square ft of print floor and office space.

In the last 7 years alone, we’ve added over four million dollars of modern equipment including a modern Komori 40” press. We’ve continued to add services expanding our capabilities for our clients. We’ve added a robust digital department with high speed digital presses. In addition, we have our own direct mail shop, wide format signage, screen printing and embroidering, promotional products, digital marketing, and more. All of our products and services are produced in-house, which allows for quicker turnaround times and responsive customer service. We want our customers to have the best experience possible which is why we are always asking ourselves how we can improve.

We care about our employees and keep to the belief that employees and customers are equally important to success. We’re proud to boast an incredible retention rate of both employees and clients. We believe in the importance of family—the one you have at home and the one you grow at work. We will continue to grow and learn with our clients as needs change and look forward to the exciting future of the PXI family.

Meet the Owner

Mike Meredith took his extensive sales experience and can-do attitude to the purchase of a small printing company in 2002—something he’d never thought he’d do. After a few years of learning, purchasing equipment, hiring experienced employees, and applying the “never say no” work ethic he was born with, PXI exploded into the successful business it is today.

“I started out as a sales representative for a chemical corporation, but I was looking for a change and being my own boss sounded pretty good.” Mike says, when recalling the beginning of the PXI journey.

“I took my sales knowledge and transferred it to finding clients and gave the print production side to a few great employees. We never said no and kept adding services and equipment as our clients needed them. This helped in a big way to retain customers and further grow the business.”

He’ll be honest and say there were long, hard hours in the beginning. Mike said, “It didn’t come easy, but we were dedicated to our clients and their needs, so we just kept moving and producing.” Mike’s employees will tell you he’s a dedicated businessman with a keen eye for opportunities when they arise. And he is a family man who cares about his employee’s happiness just as much as his clients.

“Keeping my team happy is crucial to business because they keep the clients happy—there’s no substitute for a well-managed and productive team.”

Mike hasn’t traditionally had a strict path for the PXI’s growth. Up to this point growth has been largely organic. But with the recent addition of some major new services and a keen focus on modern marketing implementation, our growth will come because we planned it. So long as we keep working hard, advancing within the industry, and buying the state-of-the-art equipment we need, business will continue to thrive -- because we “never say no.”


What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am EST to 5:00pm EST. Come see us, we love visitors!

How can I reach customer service?

You can email us at contact@theprintingexpress.com or call us at 877-261-4525. You can also fill out our contact form. If you have a Customer Service Representative (CSR) already, you can contact them directly with the contact information they’ve provided you.

What services do you offer?

We currently offer offset and digital printing, custom envelopes, screen printing and embroidery, promotional products, wide format printing, graphic design, and mailing and fulfillment.

How long will it take for me to receive my finished product?

Every project is unique. When we provide you with a quote, we’ll also provide you with an estimated time of completion. Our turn-around times are generally faster than most of our competition. Please let us know if there are time restraints or events that you need these products for so we can be sure you have them when you need them.

What should I do when the order I receive is not what I expected?

We work hard to make sure this won’t happen—our customer service team is great at finding mistakes and fixing them without you even finding out, and still getting your project to you on time. If something were to slip through and you received something that did not live up to expectations, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can get the print floor moving and your project back into production. We stand behind all of our finished products and will do everything we can to satisfy your order as you expected it.

How do I choose between offset and digital printing?

Consider two main factors: quantity and deadline. Digital is more cost-effective for short runs, and provides a quicker turnaround time and the ability to use variable data. Offset printing is more cost-effective for larger runs. One of our CSR’s will be happy to guide you to the perfect print option for your project needs.

What format do I use when submitting digital files?

We prefer high resolution pdf files for your projects. Please reach out to us if you’re having trouble uploading or need some guidance on selecting the right file type.

What do I need to provide you in order to receive a quote?

We need to know your quantity, the type of paper to use, how many pages, finished size, and the folding pattern if any. If the art is ready, a pdf of that is helpful. Ink colors can be determined from the artwork. Then the completion date that you’ll need the finished product in hand. You’ll then receive a quote with the cost, estimated completion time, and a proof of what your final project will look like. Any further questions can be handled by our experienced customer service staff.

Call us at 877-261-4525 or use our contact form to experience our top notch printing services.