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Direct Mail Services

We’ve mastered the task of your direct mail component. Whether it’s 100 pieces or 100,000 pieces, we can handle it all. From creation to completion, we’re the partner you need. Our extended experience at all levels of direct mail can’t be beat. We also provide an array of additional services that you can add onto routine direct mail service such as our social media add-on, the Direct Mail Advantage program. Read more about this fantastic addition below.
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Direct mail is a tried and true advertising method that gets your brand right into your customer’s hand. We can help you create direct mail campaigns that will intrigue your following into engaging with your brand. Direct mail can include postcards, letters, or other promotional materials that are sent to past or current customers either targeting an individual or the business as a whole.
Introducing Direct Mail Advantage, a direct mail enhancement that matches your data to known social media accounts to further drive your message. For fund raising, commercial promotion, or political, this program guarantees and massive social media campaign that coincides with your mailout. For more information click here.
Our in-house experts can guide you in setting up a campaign and show you how our tried and true strategies can open up a new level of growth and profitability.
All our services are done in-house, from production and personalization to delivery. We’ve worked with associations, non-profits, commercial and retail, and political organizations on direct mail campaigns and have plenty of experience to guide you through.

Mailing Services Include

High Speed Inkjet Addressing

Our state-of-the-art high-speed inkjet printers can provide speedy and efficient address printing for all of your mailing projects. The addresses can be customized as needed so they can adhere to your unique brand guidelines.

Automatic Stamp Affixing

We have an automated high-speed machine that can apply postage stamps directly onto a mail piece of any size that we produce. This works within our direct mail department and is a quick and efficient fix to a cumbersome task.

Blind Match Inserting

We can easily perform blind match inserting for your mailing products with two or more personalized pieces that have to match without bar coding the pages or tracking by cameras.

Mail List Purchasing

When you’ve used your own contacts for direct mail and need help finding new ones, we can help. Based on specific target audience requirements, we can purchase mailing lists that are validated and available for you to use for a direct mail campaign. We can help you make sure you are targeting the right audience for the product or service you sell.

Data Processing with Address Verification

We examine and verify the data you provide and make sure every address is correct and going to the right person or business. We check this through the USPS data system to be sure it’s accurate.
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